Can Essex Raynet help Your Charity or Group?

Who and what is Essex Raynet?

Essex Raynet is part of the national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.  Commonly known as 'RAYNET', the organisation was formed in 1953 following the East Coast floods, when radio amateurs provided emergency communications.

What can Essex Raynet do for your charity or group?

As part of our training for major civil incidents, Essex Raynet can provide a radio communications service for  local community events.  Annually we assist in over 10 charity events from sponsored walks to bike rides and fun runs.

How does Essex Raynet help?

Essex Raynet members/volunteers use their own equipment to provide radio communications and vehicle/operator tracking. This facility is particularly beneficial in areas of low mobile phone coverage and where other forms of radio are not sufficient.


Who can Essex Raynet help?

Under the terms of the amateur radio licence,  Essex Raynet may pass messages on behalf of a designated 'User Service'.  A User Service must be in attendance at the event and formally request the help of Essex Raynet to assist them with communications.

We regularly assist the St John Ambulance and British Red Cross at events for local Hospice events when their own radio systems are insufficient and do not provide the required coverage.

Interested?  Then contact us to discuss requirements.
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Last updated: 31/10/13    

Essex RAYNET is affiliated to the Radio Amateur Emergency Network