APRS at Essex Raynet events


APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is being utilised by Essex Raynet more frequently at events.  It is hoped that more members will embrace this mode of communication to allow greater flexibility to planners and controllers to deploy operators to specific positions.
What does APRS provide?
The ability to transmit positional data which can be displayed on a PC.
An APRS system requires a GPS, a Packet radio transmission system on one end and a packet radio receiver and a computer on the other end of the system.

The first system (mobile operator either on foot or in a vehicle) acquires its location from a GPS receiver and encodes it in a standardized format as a string of text and transmits that information as a beacon. The transmission is NOT directed at any one station but rather beaconed out for all listening stations to hear and interpret.

The second system (control Station) receives the information and using APRS software (e.g. UI-View or APRSISCE), decodes the packet and, typically, places an icon on a map showing the transmitting station's location.


APRS activity may also be viewed online using one of the many APRS websites.  This screen shot is from aprs.fi .

This is a screen shot of APRSISCE.






View current APRS activity in Essex
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How APRS used by Raynet

Operators and vehicles equipped with APRS can be tracked by the event control station.  This information can then be used to deploy the nearest operator to an incident.  At a charity event this may be to the site of a medical emergency or to a rest centre during a major incident.

The screenshot below shows the APRS tracks of various mobiles during the 2015 Farleigh Hospice 'Walk for Life' event.  You will see that different mobiles have differing colour tracks which allows the control station to differentiate between the mobiles.

This screenshot below shows the route which Owen M3OIL took when sweeping the Orchid Cycle Ride in June 2015.  Also visible (in green) is the short route sweep track by Paul M0LOM.


The more members who operate APRS,  will assist event controllers with decision making and planning.

For help establishing a fixed or mobile APRS station, contact your area controller.



Last updated: 17/01/17     

Essex RAYNET is affiliated to the Radio Amateur Emergency Network